Responsible Innovation
Value Drivers

Art-Driven Innovation is a framework that supports responsible innovation – that which considers future impact by taking either a ‘care’ or ‘green’ approach, and embraces a sense of collective stewardship and responsibility for the present. With ADI, ideas which emerge at the intersection of art and technology are further developed in a way which is both distributive and regenerative by design. Our approaches recognises responsible innovation as a pre-requisite, not a choice.

Our methodology begins with the clear development of goals, since this is what ultimately determines both the shape and material of any responsible innovation. Based on the work of economist Mariana Mazzucato, we combine Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with specified value drivers in support of two distinct paths towards sustainable innovation:

From these two paths, we have identified eight responsible innovation drivers for societal and economic value that contribute to the development of art-driven ideas for innovation. The table below lists these value-drivers and describes each one in the context of responsible innovation. | Goals for responsible innovation ADI | Responsible Innovation Value Drivers table