The ADI Report Explained

The In4Art database contains hundreds of artworks from artists across the globe. We have interpreted these artworks in a way that is conducive to the generation of art-driven ideas for innovation.

The Art-Driven Innovation report format summarises each artwork in order to facilitate the application of the ADI method. By displaying the most important parameters used in the ADI method alongside each artwork, the report makes it easier to see how each one might provide ideas conducive to responsible innovation. We have combined essential information about each artwork with relevant innovation goals and details of any breakthrough technologies used in its creation. Note that the analysis of each artwork is performed by In4Art in the context of the ADI method and is not necessarily reflective of the artist’s original goals or intentions.

Each section of the report serves a specific function, the purpose of which is explained in the interactive image below. You can explore several real-world examples of ADI Reports in the example section.

(Works best on larger screens)