ADI Report Examples

The ADI Reports give an overview of the basic elements required to begin ideating. Each card provides a summary of In4Art’s analysis of the artwork, its goals, and promising technology used in its creation. The examples on this page aim to demonstrate the usefulness of this concise format. The In4Art database now stores several hundreds of artworks from which to generate ADI Reports, and more are being added continually.

For these examples, we have selected a representative sample of nine reports that span the breadth of topics and innovations in our database: one for each of our promising technology categories. Our goal is to demonstrate how an artwork can be reframed in terms of its ability to drive technological breakthroughs and responsible innovation. Please note that the analysis of each artwork has been performed by In4Art in the context of the ADI method and is not necessarily reflective of the artist’s original goals or intentions.

Take a look for yourself and see how the ADI Report format helps to extract the relevant information from each artwork. Hovering your mouse over each report to launch an overlay with a an example of a business hypothesis that could be used to begin the responsible ideation process. For an explanation of the structure of the report, please see this interactive image.

(Works best on a larger screen)