About Us

At In4Art, we believe that insights from the art world can lead to more responsible innovation. The process of creating an artwork, after all, is one of technological, material, and ethical research and experimentation. Such is the nature of experimentation that this becomes a continuous learning exercise, complete with an inbuilt element of trial and error. Such processes, while difficult, are necessary for the constructive changes that we as a society so desperately need: It’s imperative that we create a space that allows artistic experimentation to happen.

In4Art creates that space at the intersection of art, science, and technology and translates the outcomes to strategic directions and innovations. Through our unique ADI framework, we cultivate partnerships and combine insights from artistic experimentation with defined responsible innovation goals and technology promises, leading into business hypotheses, propositions, and ideas for responsible innovation.

We, as a society, need innovation researchers to start including art in their analyses. We need policy makers to include art in their innovation agendas. We need innovation managers to include art in their open innovation funnels. And we need to invest and support experiments in art and technology. As In4Art we do this through our co-production projects.