Art-Driven Innovation™

Art-Driven Innovation™ is a method to generate ideas and include the insights from artistic experiments on technological and social domains to achieve more responsible innovations. It is about combing breakthrough technologies, sustainable development goals and artworks, thereby creating a new playing field for open innovation and strategic decisions. It is based on the view that economic and social progress should be regenerative and distributive to contribute towards a more green or care path for innovation.

Hence, the Art-Driven Innovation™ (ADI) idea generation method focusses on three areas: | ADI Framework

We believe, and see evidence, that the intersection of these three areas holds potential for responsible innovation. The ADI method is supported by a large database, enabling us to quickly match specific challenges and needs to potential partners. This site provides an overview of the method.

At In4Art, we have developed this novel approach to the challenge of responsible innovation – one which finds synergy between the R&D value of experimenting with new materials, technologies, and structures, and the propensity of artists to conduct such experimentation in their own work. Art-Driven Innovation™ is our database-driven methodology for identifying promising ideas at the intersection of art & technology and then applying those ideas as drivers of ethical, inclusive, and equitable innovation.

“With Art-Driven Innovation realising responsible innovation becomes a condition to launch, not a choice.”

- Rodolfo and Lija Groenewoud-van Vliet, founders In4Art

“Responsible innovation compels us to reflect on what sort of future(s) we want science and technology to bring into the world, what futures we care about, what challenges we want these to meet, what values these are anchored in, and whether the negotiations of such technologically- enabled futures are democratic.”

- Owen et al.; Developing a framework for responsible innovation, 2013